Vision of N.D. Nerhood Consulting

Our Philosophy at N.D. Nerhood Consulting

Here at N.D. Nerhood, we focus on you the customer and will drive you or your company to new heights.  We are engaged and detail oriented in our approach and we strive to exceed your expectations.  Our goal is to achieve the unachievable, empower the people to be confident in technology, and provide leading edge support in all that we promote, support, and teach.

N.D. Nerhood will be the first and only resource to achieve success in everyday projects and we will not lead or consult anyone to do something that we feel would be anything below stellar in quality and customer satisfaction.   Whether you purchase a new computer, upgrade a server or implement a new website, N.D. Nerhood will be there every step of the way to ensure data integrity, ease of access, and confidence in the work we promote.

Our company profile is faith-based and focused on establishing good, wholesome, and equally obtainable opportunities for all individuals.  We promote our image as an independent consulting company in technology, service, and sales of goods and services provided to you by us.   We will stand by and guarantee our work 100% of the way and we will always be truthful and honest in how and why we conduct business the way we do.

Our products and services will use state-of-the-art, compliant solutions and we will work independently and in partnership with other companies as we feel necessary but will not do so without first consenting with our clients.   We do not outsource, sell, or distribute client data, information, or personal information about our clients to anyone for any price.   We will earn the trust and develop strong relationships with all of our clients at all costs.   Our success as a company depends solely on our integrity and value of support that we provide our clients.

- Nick Nerhood, Owner N.D. Nerhood