Small - Medium Business


IT Technical Support, HelpDesk, and Customer Care

Looking to establish a good HelpDesk or call center?   Want to improve on your customer care that you provide your clients, well, look no further because we can help you with that.   N.D. Nerhood can help to train and support all of your employees and staff on how to use technology and manage customer care services.   We focus on customer service within our own organization and we'd love to show you how more simplified we can make that service.  We also thrive in IT support and can find solutions to basically any issue or problem you or your clients may be having.


Remote Management and Desktop / Server Solutions

We take your computer systems regardless of operating system or number of clients on your premises and support them with various remote management solutions.  We can monitor, troubleshoot, and identify issues before you know about them and we can setup service on-site to meet with critical operators and teams to go over recovery plans and processes.


Standard Operating Procedures

Every good business needs to have operating procedures and good documentation.   N.D. Nerhood can work with you to identify areas where documentation is lacking and then work with teams to draw up procedures and then steps to meet those procedures.   We can then take those documents and set them up using various sharing tools and collaboration methods so all your teams can be on the same page regardless of location or size of your business.