Services Offered

Computer and Server Support


Providing technology support with client computer systems and servers.  We can purchase, repair, setup, design, and implement a new network of computers or integrate something into what you already have.  N.D. Nerhood is now an authorized technology partner with Dell Technologies (EMC).

Technology Planning


Providing technology consulting for new and existing projects as well as design and implementation of appropriate technology that works for you.

Website Planning


We will go over your purpose in the hopes of achieving the right audience using a suitable website solution that works for you.  A website can be a simple, one-page solution or it can be as complex as multiple pages with forms and flashy details.   We can help you find something that fits your needs.

Software Licensing and Deployments


Organizations need to be compliant and licensed with regards to their software packages.  Whether it is by a well-known software vendor or a small, private organization, N.D. Nerhood has access to many resellers and software vendors Who provide technology services.  I will provide deployment options for software and will recommend upgrades as needed to meet your organizations requirements.

Manage Services / Remote Management


We offer remote monitoring and management solutions to keep your systems healthy, managed, and updated.  We provide the latest in patch management and system health reporting.  We can work with you to customize your IT by providing status reports of your computer network, endpoints, and AV updates.  We provide all of this at an affordable monthly rate.

Document and Print Services

Custom Forms


We use many form management and creation tools.  Whether you want a simple form to register a person for an event or something more complex that requires email notifications, automation, and/or if you want to be able to allow anyone in general to make a payment for a service they are getting or signing up for, we can make that happen for you.

Print Management Solutions


Working with global companies and popular manufacturers such as HP and Xerox, N.D. Nerhood can work with you to ensure you have the right printing solutions for your organization.   We can work with you to measure the costs and run analysis on your usage and we can recommend and setup a lease vs. purchase plan with you.  We maintain, service, and support most printer manufacturers and we can setup an account for you with one of our great vendor representatives to assist with any training or demo's that you might need.